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I created The Realm Ethereal in 2018, by way of a series of character paintings. The paintings shown below are a handful of these character paintings. Initially, the paintings have always been the basis for creating my own intellectual property; a world of these characters. So far, these characters are divided into several classes: Ethereals, Ethereal Guard, and Metaterrans. It turned out these character paintings would be the first step in creating the story for my Realm Ethereal book series.

The Realm Ethereal: The Book of Dreams
The Realm Ethereal: The Book of Dreams
by Rene Arreola

I am currently working on an art book to feature all of these paintings. But, there will also be a story running throughout it, being told from the perspective of the main character, Casia Minohr.

This book should be coming out around late summer of 2022. I’ll be taking some pre-orders. If you’re reading this, just follow me on my social media, or subscribe to my email list, and you’ll learn how to pick up a copy.

In 2020, I put together the first art book of The Realm Ethereal, titled “The Dream Awakens”. This art book introduces the Metaterran Casia Minohr. She is the main character in this opening storyline. The artwork was initially produced to be a webcomic back in 2019. I ended up not really being too keen on creating this as a webcomic at first. So, I scrapped the initial concept of a web-first comic. The result is the artwork seen below, which is a sampling of the pages from The Dream Awakens art book.

This artbook is available to purchase at my store.

The follow-up to the above black and white story art book is the full-color version of The Realm Ethereal: The Dream Awakens. This is the same story from the artbook shown above, but with expanded and new artwork. Plus, story with lettering and captions! I have released this full-color story free to read here on my website.

I’ve also collected it as a specially printed edition graphic novel. It is available to purchase at my store here.

The second chapter in The Realm Ethereal: The Dream Awakens story is Enter The Realm, which shows Casia Minohr’s mysterious arrival to The Realm Ethereal. This is also free to read online here on my website.

You can start reading the second chapter here:

Or, start from the very beginning here:

Casia Minohr encounters the Ethereal Guard, Caelestis, preview art from "Enter The Realm"
The Realm Ethereal fantasy comic
Caelestis leading a portion of the Ethereal Guard, art work from "Enter The Realm"

I also have a Patreon where people who enjoy my work can show some support. Patrons over at my Patreon get access to high-resolution JPEG files of all the artwork I am creating for The Realm Ethereal. Plus, behind-the-scenes photos and videos and anecdotes about my art and stuff that I don’t share anywhere else. 

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The Metaterran Kiana and Adon, the Ethereal of Dimension.