Rene Arreola

I am an artist and lifelong resident of California, residing in Monterey County. As a child, I learned to draw by copying comic books. That is to say, I did a lot of fan art. Later on, while on a brief stint in college, I was motivated to begin painting after discovering fantasy art. Because of this, my fantasy art has a touch of comic book superheroes to it.

Today, I pretty much draw and paint fantasy art, focusing on imaginative realism. Painting and mastering the human form is an art goal of mine. It’s probably a goal I’ll be striving toward my entire artistic career. I am also a comic book artist creating my own art and stories for my comic book series The Realm Ethereal.

When I’m not drawing or painting, I like to dance West Coast Swing. My wife and I dance West Coast Swing mostly socially and sometimes competitively. We also teach monthly group dance lessons as well as teach private lessons in West Coast Swing.

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