Rene Arreola, fantasy artist

My name is Rene Arreola. I am an artist currently drawing and illustrating imaginative realism in The Realm Ethereal. You can check it out here.

Comic books are what first sparked my interest in drawing. I draw and paint today because of the comic books I discovered when I was 9 years old. Telling stories with pictures is something I’ve been doing since my earliest, very crude comic book drawings. Even if I didn’t comprehend it at the time.

I am a self-taught artist. That means I honed my craft by copying or emulating the styles of artists whose work I admire. As a result, I’ve bought a boat-load of comic books, art instruction books, “Art of fill in an artist’s name here” books, and art materials all in the pursuit of educating myself and taking action to make art.

With my art I strive to tell stories through a silent, visual medium of drawings and paintings. I enjoy this challenge. At the very least, the work I create puts a smile on my face. At best, I like to think it can put a smile on somebody else’s face too.

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