Casia Minohr - See the Realm - space fantasy art

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Just in time for MERMAY!

All-over Print Drawstring Bags

Just in time for Mermay! Lightweight, colorful drawstring bags.

Featured Products

Graphic Novels & Art Books

Experience my fantasy worlds come to life in print!

Art Prints

Vibrant fantasy art produced on archival, museum-quality paper sold through my INPRNT store.

Art Mouse Pads

From LARGE desk mats for serious gamers to smaller art mouse pads for card games or just every day work on your computer.

What I Create

The Realm Ethereal: The Dream Awakens

I am creating The Realm Ethereal, a blend of cosmic fantasy and comic book style storytelling.

Digital Art

I work mostly using Procreate and Photoshop. Here's how I create some of my art.

My Art Tips

I share what I know and what I've learned (and will continue to learn) in the space of digital art creation.