Chapter One: The Dreamer & The Dreamed

Created, written, and illustrated by Rene Arreola

Casia Minohr

Om – The Ethereal of Vibration

Oda – The Ethereal of Light

Oda – The Ethereal of Order

Kor – The Ethereal of Chaos

Casia Minohr is a woman with a dream: to travel the stars and explore the universe. In a time where only the lucky and the few can even hope to travel among the stars, Casia is about to embark on an adventure that takes her beyond the universe and literally into her own dreams.

“The Dreamer & The Dreamed” is the first chapter in a series of stories and accompanying art that explore The Realm Ethereal. Best described as a cosmic fantasy adventure, The Realm Ethereal updates with new story pages on this website.

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