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Rem the Ethereal of Sight fantasy art by Rene Arreola
Rem, Ethereal of Sight by Rene Arreola

Vision, foresight, prescience…Rem’s power to foresee places him in a unique position within The Realm Ethereal: the other Ethereals often look to Rem for guidance in all matters concerning their individual governances.

Rem’s “sight” grants him the unspoken title of “Counselor to the Ethereals.” Rem bears the Seal of Visions. It is through this mysterious, eye-like symbol that Rem’s visions come from.

Rem is part of the Realm Ethereal universe created by fantasy illustration and comic book artist Rene Arreola.

Om Ethereal of Vibration comic book art
Om from The Realm Ethereal comic book by Rene Arreola

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