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The Realm Ethereal – The Book of Dreams Preorder


Available on December 16, 2022

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This book introduces the characters of The Realm Ethereal. The main character, Casia Minohr, is a young space explorer who envisions the Realm Ethereal in her dreams. It is a world she is destined to discover as she follows her dreams in her journey through the cosmos.


The Realm Ethereal interweaves the various streams of realities and the many worlds that inhabit them. The life forces in and around the realm create the frequencies that keep everything vibrating. In her dreams, Casia envisions many beings who are a mystery to her yet integral to the realm and, ultimately, her journey. 


This 100-page book explores The Realm Ethereal through Casia’s dreams while introducing a universe of characters from The Realm Ethereal.

Edom, the Ethereal of Dark
Available on December 16, 2022