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The Realm Ethereal Issue #3 – Print Edition


  • Full-color comic book, size: 8″ x 10.5″
  • 32 pages cover to cover
  • Collects chapters 45-66 of The Dream Awakens online comic
  • Ships bagged and boarded
  • 100% Self-published indie comic

In her dreams, space explorer Casia Minohr soars the cosmos at will. In her true reality, she must hastily take to the stars in search of resources that will help her small, space-faring colony survive out in space. While on her very first flight mission, she mysteriously crashes on a strange red planet. Casia discovers a world both wondrous and strange, but at the same time frightening. This is the third chapter in “The Dream Awakens” story that introduces Casia Minohr and The Ethereals.

The overall theme of this universe has to do with the connections between conscious and subconscious minds. In The Realm Ethereal, the dream state connects these two states of mind. The story will appeal to fans who appreciate the look and feel of superhero comics blended with fantasy elements and a cosmic flair.

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