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Asreeth Lion Warrior: The Lion’s Roar – Digital Download





To the east of the Red Mountains lay the Pridelands, ruled by the Golden Pride, a race of giant half-man, half-lion beings. A benevolent people by nature, the Golden Pride seek only to maintain the peace and order of their kingdom and its borders. Their sworn enemies, a similar race of human and cat-like beings, the Red Sabres, dwell atop the peaks of the Red Mountains. Seeking to gain control of the Pridelands, the Red Sabres terrorize the Pridelands inhabitants along with its neighbors at its borders. Follow now the adventures of the Prideland’s bravest and mightiest protector, Asreeth, Lion Warrior! He is sworn to his king to fend off and, if necessary, destroy any and all threats that would bring harm to the Pridelands. You can read a review of this book from several years back here.

Asreeth Lion Warrior: The Lion’s Roar is written and illustrated by Rene Arreola. Bonus material includes a full gallery of the original scanned  black and white inked artwork along with select pencilled pages.

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