Prince Aegyon Ethereal Guard
Art by Rene Arreola

Prince Aegyon, Ethereal Guard

In “Ethereal Borders” witness the clash between feuding Ethereal Guardsman! The half-man, half-stallion Adastrion, with his crowned horns, blazing with Ethereal Flames and Prince Aegyon, face off, weapons drawn, each ready to strike and defend.

Prince Aegyon dons the Halo of Nemios, the Dreaming City Adastrion is sworn to protect. The Bridge of Dreams is Aegyon’s domain. But it borders on the Dreaming City, causing a riff between both of these powerful Ethereal Guards.

“Ethereal Borders”, Adastrion, and Prince Aegyon are all part of The Realm Ethereal lore. Created, written and illustrated by Rene Arreola.

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