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My Patreon


Patreon is a membership platform that makes it possible for people who would like to support my art do so through a subscription content service. In essence, these supporters of my art become my patrons. For patrons of my work, I create content for my patrons which I release as exclusive, monthly rewards as shown below.

When you sign up for my Patreon today, you will receive the following*:

Early Access to Works In Progress

Patrons receive access to high resolution works-in-progress. Everything from loose sketches, to preliminary grayscale and color paintings in process. These are usually in JPEG format. You are free to download these, study them, collect them, and review them. Early access can also include art video time lapses.

Downloadable Final Artwork

Patrons are granted access to final artwork in high resolution format. These are in JPEG format as well. You can view the final art in very fine detail.

Downloadable Layered Digital Files

Patrons receive access to the layered digital art files of the final paintings I have produced. These are scaled down versions of the final art in PSD (Photoshop) format. See how my final art is constructed, layer by layer.


Exclusive Discounts

Patrons get a new Patreon-only discount code each month for use in my online store. The discount codes are good for use all month long that you are a subscribed patron through my Patreon. Save money on merchandise and art prints.

More Digital Rewards + PDF Art Books

Patrons also receive other various digital goods as rewards: desktop and mobile wallpapers, new ones each month; PDF files of any art books I create; and exclusive video releases of my processes on the paintings I work on.

Jalena Ethereal Guard fantasy art print Rene Arreola

Art Prints*

At the highest Patreon level of support, patrons receive a monthly art print, shipped directly to them from my studio. All digital rewards are also included at this level. Driven by my Patreon, I deliver a brand new painting each month. *Note: Art Prints available through the 'Print Collector' tier only.

Want to check out exactly the types of exclusive content you'll access when you join my Patreon?

Click the links below to download actual size samples!

Preliminary Drawings for Paintings
High Resolution Final Art in JPEG Format
High Resolution Grayscale Painting Progress in JPEG Format
Concepts for Book Art
Small, Layered PSD Files


I’ve structured my Patreon in such a way that when a certain number of patrons sign up, new goals are achieved. Attaining these goals allow me to add more value for my patrons while providing me the means to sustainably continue making the art. Ultimately, my personal goal as an artist is for me to continue to create great art and stories my patrons can enjoy. My Patreon goals and what they allow me to do are described below. 


When I reach this number, I will release one new spot illustration each month accompanied by a short writing/story that reveals aspects of The Realm Ethereal.


I will release a step-by-step video of my process of each monthly painting I produce for my Patreon, including me talking about my processes, sourcing my references, and my own art direction over the work.


Each month, I will release a new fully illustrated drawing alongside each new painting I produce for my Patreon.


The 13" x 19" monthly art prints will be retired. And they will be replaced by a larger 17" x 22" size format. More print and more art for the price!


I will start up The Realm Ethereal comic strip, releasing a new page of comic book style art and story each week.

By far, this is the loftiest goal of them all. I tried two years ago to launch this, but I could not keep up with the pace due to working freelance projects and other jobs.

With support at this level, I would be able to dedicate the time and resources needed to create comic book stories based on the characters and worlds of The Realm Ethereal.

As the artist, I am emboldened and spurred on by this kind of support. I enjoy making the kind of art I like to see put into the world. If you like the type of art you see here and would like to support me creating more of it and putting it out into the world, your support would be graciously and humbly appreciated.


Stay Updated

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Rene Arreola Art Book One

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