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Om, Ethereal Power by Rene Arreola

Om, the Ethereal of Vibration, in pure revelation. The golden, tusk-like masses on his shoulders are revealed to be wings. Om’s blue Ethereal Flame grows as he takes command of all vibrational frequencies in his presence. Om is able to affect the very ground beneath him, warping it, shaping to his will. This is the bending and shaping of time and space around him.

The golden light emanating from Om are passageways into the very heart of the Realm Ethereal. Om’s true Ethereal Power is the will to open up from within himself the way into a multiverse of realities through his command of vibrational frequencies.

Om is part of the Realm Ethereal universe created by fantasy illustration and comic book artist Rene Arreola.

Om Ethereal of Vibration comic book art
Om from The Realm Ethereal comic book by Rene Arreola

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