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Om, Ethereal of Vibration by Rene Arreola

Before there was light and darkness, there was vibration. Om is one of the oldest Ethereals in The Realm Ethereal. He bears a symbol marking him as the master of vibrational frequencies. This makes Om one of the most powerful beings in The Realm Ethereal. Om bears some of the most extensive symbols in all The Realm Ethereal.

Face Plate – A Symbol Divided into Six Pieces

The Scepter – Appears as a long vertical shape with a split-end point, it represents Om’s power coursing through all realities. Symbolic of both divergence and convergence of realities.

Large Outer Half Ring (on his right) – Represents the Light side of The Realm Ethereal

Large Outer Half Ring (on his left) – Represents the Dark side of The Realm Ethereal

Small Inner Half Ring (on his right) – Represents the Inner Order of all matter

Small Inner Half Ring (on his left) – Represents the Inner Order of all life forces

Center Disc – The source of Om’s power: a concentrated, infinitesimal void embedded into his own life force

Resting upon his upper back are two, golden artifacts. These are Om’s “wings”. In their resting state, they are furled, with two ends near his head pointed upward. Similarly, the opposite ends of his furled wings point upward. Om unfurls and uses these wings to channel and amplify his powers of vibration from the Center Disc of his Face Plate.

Hanging from and attached to Om’s wings are eight bands, each like a chime. The multi bands represent the multiverse. Together, they create a sound and frequency that mimics the vibrations of the multiverse.

Body Markings
Om’s body features golden markings. These markings are pieces of himself that he is able to release as separate entities if needed. In this way, Om is able to be present in more than one reality at the same time.

Om is part of the Realm Ethereal universe created by fantasy illustration and comic book artist Rene Arreola.

Om Ethereal of Vibration comic book art
Om from The Realm Ethereal comic book by Rene Arreola

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