What are these large mouse pads used for?

I use these large mouse pads as mouse pads in my every day working environment. As an artist working from home, I have two work stations in my studio. I have a smaller computer desk using and iMac with a Stand Steady raising desk placed on top of it. I utilize these very same large mouse pads on it. I place my mousepad on the surface, providing a larger area for my mouse to roll over.

I create my art these days using Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet. Using the mouse pad as a surface to place my tablet onto keeps the back clean and free of scratches. Personally speaking, I like switching out my mouse pad from time to time just to change up the look and feel of my work space.

On my second work station, I am using a drafting table with the table top set up for working in a standing position. At this work station, I am using an older MacPro (the cylinder design). It’s a back up workstation with much more surface area than my smaller desktop set up. I can trim my full color fantasy art prints before shipping them off to fulfill my print orders.

I am also using my large mouse pads on this surface area since I also use this table to work using my iPad Pro. I like to sketch using the iPad and I find this work area best for that purpose. Again, like the smaller desktop work station, I am using my own large mouse pads to add some protection for my various devices. But, also to add some color and variety to my desktop.

These oversized mouse pads would also make for great gaming playmats. They are just large enough at 24” x 14” to provide an optimal playing surface. They can be rolled up and transported with ease by hand.

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