Artwork by Rene Arreola

Lysandra, The Ethereal of Transition

Within the Realm Ethereal, everything is in a state of transition. Transition occurs among all variety of life and matter in the physical universe. No matter how explosive or imperceptible, change is always in the air.

From single celled organisms to complex subatomic structures that ultimately form consciousness in its various forms, transition is king. The moments created by the acts of moving one place to another, sounds forming words and ideas, thoughts leading to actions, transition is the crucial in-between state.

Within that state exists Lysandra, the Ethereal of Transition. Known as the most playful Ethereal, Lysandra seems to revel more in the physical manifestations of the worlds around her. In particular, she is most fond of the world of man. More often than not, she spends her time amongst the mortals and the Metaterrans.

Lysandra is one of the few Ethereals who has taken a genuine care and affinity for those other Ethereals would deem “under her.” Underneath Lysandra’s undeniably Ethereal nature and origins lies one thing that is almost void in all other Ethereals: a heart. And playfulness.

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