Just like mousepads, but larger.

Edom Ethereal of Dark 18" x 36" mouse pad fantasy art

What are these large Desk Mats used for?

fantasy art desk mat

If you need something larger than my 24” x 14” mouse pads, I have select pieces of my art available in a larger desk mat format. These larger desk mats measure 36” x 18” and feature my fantasy art creations. As you can see in the photo here, I’m able to take full advantage of the entire desk mat.

I typically spend several hours a day working on my art or at my computer. I work both with my iPad and my iMac. I use a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet using Photoshop to create my digital paintings. I also work out my sketches on my iPad Pro, using either Procreate or Adobe Fresco.

There is ample room on my larger desk mats for laying out all of my gear on top of my Stand Steady desk.  From my keyboard and track pad to my digital styluses, I am able to work comfortably on my desk using these large desk mats to place all this hardware on top of.

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