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Gladion Ethereal of Protection fantasy art by Rene Arreola
Gladion, the Ethereal of Protection by Rene Arreola

Known as the Golden Ethereal, Gladion, the Ethereal of Protection, burns brightly in deep space. Ethereal Golden Flames shroud his head and upper torso. Portions of his body are missing in time and space, adrift in the Realm Ethereal. The Ethereal of Protection is known to occupy more than one place in time and space.

Gladion bears one element of the powerful Ethereal Golden Armor: The Star Sword. Gladion does not wield the sword. Gladion’s title reveals that he protects others from the Star Sword itself. He does not wield the sword. Instead, he protects others from the sword. Only in the direst circumstances is Gladion permitted to hold the sword.

The last time wielded the sword, he caused a tear in the Great Void, to which many calamities were brought upon the Realm Ethereal itself. Gladion’s duty is to ensure the sword is never again used to harm The Realm Ethereal.

Om is part of the Realm Ethereal universe created by fantasy illustration and comic book artist Rene Arreola.

Om Ethereal of Vibration comic book art
Om from The Realm Ethereal comic book by Rene Arreola

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