Gaius Ethereal of the Land fantasy art
Artwork by Rene Arreola

Gaius, Ethereal of the Land

With golden-hued skin and gold-plated face, Gaius is the Ethereal of the Land, guiding the primal forces of nature in The Realm Ethereal. The flow of Gaius’ reach is symbolized by the bands tethered to him. These bands extend and flow into all worlds within The Realm Ethereal. Gaius assists in shaping raw, primordial molten celestial bodies into living, breathing terran worlds.

Gaius is connected to the very life forces within the land itself, of all Terran worlds. Therefore, Gaius has a special connection with all Metaterrans. Gaius chooses to not adorn himself as other Ethereals do.

For Gaius, being “of the land” means being simply as he is. Save for the golden face-plate which is his only interface with the flesh, Gaius dons only cloth as his guise. His golden body is enough to signal to both inhabitants of the Realm and outside of it that he is Ethereal.

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