Enter the Realm


The events in “Enter the Realm” follow immediately after the introduction story “The Dream Awakens”

Casia Minohr_Enter the Realm
Casia Minohr

I have been torn from the stars, somehow placed here, in this …strange realm. No longer exploring the stars in my flight ship. From my last recollection, I was charting a course to a nearby moon, just outside my homeworld of Geo-Nue. Then, I crashed.

Entry into this world has been intriguing and scary. I thought it was all a dream or was it? It felt real. I certainly felt real anguish. And those…beings…what were they? 

What is this place? Where is this place? And…

…Why am I dressed like this??

 The man carrying a large, golden staff barks out, “Who are you?? How did you get here?!”

I sit there, barely taking it all in. Having just experienced what I did, feeling dumbfounded and confused…not knowing what to think. I answer with the obvious. “I am…Casia Minohr”, I say with a voice filled with false confidence. 

I follow up with a question of my own. I say to him, “The giant man, blue and gold…he had wings of gold…where is he? Where is Om?”

The man, with strange robes flowing all around, standing on a floating stone surrounded by a landscape I’ve never seen, replies in a very surprised tone: “You’ve seen Om?? Your kind does not see Om!”

 ‘My kind’? What does that mean?

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