Ena Ethereal Reveal
Art by Rene Arreola

Ena, Ethereal Reveal

In Ena, Ethereal Reveal the ethereal of order reveals her human face. Firmly planted on a new, terran world, Ena removes her symbolic face-plate like a mask. While inspecting this new world, the very first thing she meets is a curious flying creature, face to face. For as powerful as Ena is, she still maintains an innocence and curiosity.  Vibrations of curiosity and warmth instantly gravitate to Ena. Because Ena’s essence in the Realm Ethereal is order, all creatures pure of heart and clear in thought flock to her. With her “hair” appearing as fluid, floating amber-colored strands and similar flowing strands emanating from her back, Ena floats effortlessly between the realm and other worlds.

Ena, the Ethereal of Order, is part of The Realm Ethereal lore. Created, written and illustrated by Rene Arreola.

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