Elandra Metaterran
Elandra Metaterran

Elandra - Metaterran

The Ethereal Sea is abundant with many diverse lifeforms, including Metaterrans. Elandra is born of the Ethereal Sea and is a descendant of an ancient race of undersea dwellers, the Kyri’Adians. Because she is a Metaterran, Elandra’s power derives from her mysterious Ethereal origins.

Being a Metaterran, Elandra is unique from all other sea life and other Kyri’Adians in that she is able to exist equally on land. Elandra is a guardian to the undersea kingdoms. Her might and power surges from within her as she goes forth, defending the undersea kingdoms from unnatural threats, both from the land and under the seas.

Elandra – Metaterran  is part of The Realm Ethereal lore. Created, written and illustrated by Rene Arreola.

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