Edom, The Ethereal of Dark

Edom Ethereal of Dark by Rene Arreola

A new Ethereal walks The Realm: Edom, the Ethereal of Dark. Edom is one of the first character names I came up with in 2018, right alongside the other four main Ethereals: Om, Oda, Ena, and Kor. Oda is the Ethereal of Light and so Edom was meant to be a sort of counter part to Oda.

But in developing the other classes of beings in the Realm Ethereal (Ethereal Guard and Metaterrans), Edom was basically shelved for a time. So today, Edom gets to shine as the Ethereal of Dark. Dark matter to be exact. Edom’s design follows similar characteristics of the other Ethereals.

Edom, like all Ethereals, is represented mostly in pure figure form, not much clothing or costume save for some body markings. Edom does have an overall dominant body coloring, similar to the blue in Om’s body, but with markings like Oda’s. Edom’s mask/faceplate is a three-pointed dark star symbol. “Dark Metal” as it is known in the Realm Ethereal.

A wave of “dark energy” emanates from Edom’s back, although it appears like light. This also symbolizes Edom’s ethereal nature. But Edom chooses to illuminate the dark matter to appear as light. This is due to his benevolent nature. Wielding an artifact that appears in the shape of a staff, Edom administers dark matter throughout The Realm Ethereal. ◼︎

Edom character sketch
Edom painting thumbnail
Edom costume design
Edom costume design
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