Artwork by Rene Arreola

Edom - Ethereal of Dark

Casting “waves of light”, you would not expect this from one called “Ethereal of Dark”. Yet, wherever Edom goes, dark matter follows. Similar to his counterpart, Oda (the Ethereal of Light), Edom is followed by matter he is able to call upon and shape at will: dark matter. The Ethereal of Dark controls all forms of dark matter in the Realm Ethereal.

Edom bears the symbol of “Dark” as his mask. The three-pointed dark star is a symbol within the Realm Ethereal of dark matter. Because Edom is benevolent, the dark matter he summons appears as “light”. But make no mistake, Edom has the ability to wield dark matter in any which way he desires. And dark matter can be used to either create wondrous things…or annihilate all matter all around him.

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