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Creating The Realm Ethereal Comic Book Series


Procreate is my go-to for creating full-color fantasy art on the iPad Pro.

One of the most exciting things to me about being an independent comic book creator is getting to explore my world of characters in this ethereal universe I’m creating. It’s pretty fun creating the visual look of these characters, but the real excitement is placing them in situations.

As a storyteller, I must work extra hard to flex my writing skills for this comic book series. That’s because I’m not a writer by nature. But, being an independent comic book creator, I get to wear as many hats as I want. Telling a story along with these drawings is part of the mix.

Wearing the hat of the writer always comes second to me. I find it a blessing that I can “draw” my stories first before really getting into the writing. There is a method of plotting comic stories first, then drawing based solely on that plot. After that, the dialog is added to the artwork. It’s a method that works for me and suits my creative tastes.

What you see here are some videos of me drawing some artwork for this chapter in the story. While the artwork shown in these videos depicts the story as it has gotten well underway, it’s all because of the story’s basic premise: a space explorer crash lands on a mysterious planet and then is suddenly and strangely whisked away by a giant, supernatural being.

It’s a blessing and a curse to be an artist first and a writer second. As an artist, I have no problems visually concepting my stories. When it comes time to write, it just tends to take me longer to produce the written story.

Throughout this Realm Ethereal comic book series, I hope to grow more into my writer role while improving my skills as an artist, too. Time will tell, as will the progression of this strange, ethereal universe.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around for more.

Realm Ethereal comic book series

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