Charis mermaid merlady fantasy art by Rene Arreola
Artwork by Rene Arreola

Charis : Metaterran

Charis is a Metaterran, living her entire life in the Kelp Forest Kingdom of the Ethereal Sea. Charis and her three dolphin siblings Galyna, Irusya, and Aneka freely explore their lush surroundings, almost oblivious to the surface worlds.

They enjoy a world where they are free to roam, coursing the mighty undersea rivers known only to them and their kind. Swimming among faery sharks and star whales, Charis is a free spirit guided by the currents and tides of her native ocean world as well as her thirst for adventure.

Charis’ Metaterran abilities allow her to breach the surface and co-exist with mortals, similar to Elandra and Eislyn. She has the ability to morph her fins and lower torso into mortal legs and feet, allowing her to traverse both underwater and surface worlds.

Charis’ heart and soul belong to the oceans, but her Metaterran abilities destine her to rise above into The Realm Ethereal.

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