The Realm Ethereal: Expanding Universe

Ena Ethereal of Order - Realm Ethereal expanding universe
"Ena, the Ethereal of Order" artwork by Rene Arreola.

My Realm Ethereal artbook is seeing some new, expanded artwork, these are the original character paintings from The Realm Ethereal universe I created in 2018. The book will feature three distinct sections: the Ethereals, Ethereal Guard, and Metaterrans.

However, I’m expanding upon some of the paintings, notably the Ethereals themselves. It’s been great fun going back and developing this expanded artwork! And, I wanted to add something new to this art book.

Here is a preview of all the Ethereal illustrations since 2018 with newly expanded artwork. These will be featured as spread pages as you see here. The additional space you see in these paintings is for the story text.

These Ethereals are the main “higher level” characters in The Realm Ethereal Universe. In addition to the paintings above, there will also be new artwork included in the Ethereal Guard section. Below is an example of some of this new artwork.

The Realm Ethereal artbook should be out later this year. I’m hoping for it to release sometime during this first quarter of 2022. For now, the greatest support I can gain is if you share this post. It would mean the world to me to spread the word!

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