Tales from The Realm Ethereal: The Hammer and The Fury

King Baldor fantasy art hero
"King Baldor" was originally from a comic book series I created called The Hammer and The Fury.
The Hammer and The Fury” was a comic book series I started online sometime in 2017. I created only as many pages as you see below. I lost steam on this one due to lack of time. I have always enjoyed comic books, as you can tell no doubt, but it was around 2015 when I started to turn my attentions and interest toward fantasy and sci-fi. Being raised and fed Marvel and DC superhero comics growing up and into my early adulthood, there’s no surprise my love for the medium. But I was kind of getting tired of the same old characters. I needed a refresher.
My desire to make comic books and create my own stories has been there since I was a child. One day, I may display my early childhood efforts, wherein I made comic books on ruled binder paper or blank typing paper. Today, I share with you one of my transition points where I started focusing more on cosmic and outer spaced themed art and stories. These series of comic book pages also mark the last time I really drew comics on paper using ink with brushes and pens. Today, I’m working entirely digitally.
There are a handful of relatively recent comics, graphic novels, and other influences online that have steered my interests in this new direction. Both with how I am today making the art (digitallly) to the actual subject matter that interests me (fantasy, sci-fi, spiritual.) The thing that really just drove it home for me was wanting to write, draw, and publish comics in a realm that was really best left to whatever worlds and characters I could conceive and design. This means these worlds or creations aren’t bound to any rules or existing intellectual properties. No gatekeepers. I haven’t really made any fan art in the last two years as I feel I want all of my current, comic book creating energies to be fully directed toward projects I could reap, both as an artist and as a business person.
The story below was the first one that really got my creative juices going. Even though I did not complete the story, the characters contained therein are all my original creations. In fact, I have taken two characters from the story shown here and featured them as Creations for The Realm Ethereal. They are King Baldor and his sidekick dragon, Decima. In fact, there is another character featured below whom I will revive back into The Realm Ethereal. I’m excited to get a start on that piece. If you’re ever curious as to what I have coming down the pike, my patrons over at my Patreon always get the first, early views and behind the scenes look at my artwork creation.
I hope you enjoy this little story here. It’s a blast from my not-too-distant past, but it still provides a pretty good glimpse into the type of artwork and stories I’m telling with The Realm Ethereal.

The Hammer and The Fury

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