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Superman fan art by Rene Arreola
"Superman" fan art by Rene Arreola.
Superman fan art by Rene Arreola
"Superman" fan art by Rene Arreola.

As in with my fan art painting of Starfire, this version of Superman is from DC’s short-live “New 52” lineup of comics. I have enjoyed the most recent portrayal of the Man of Steel in movies such as “Man of Steel”, “Batman v Superman”, and even “Justice League”. I truly hope there is another Superman movie in the works. I think Henry Cavill makes for a pretty good Superman.

Now, about this Superman fan art. This is a pen and gray marker sketch. It’s really a rather small drawing. It’s something like 3” x 6”, done on heavy copier paper. I really liked this version of his costume. At least he now didn’t look like he was wearing his underwear on the outside of his tights. You can check out this version of Superman’s suit in action in these comics.

I scanned the sketch, then brought it into Photoshop to add the color. After adding color, I added some neat-looking halftone dots. I wanted to give this fan art a retro look. Using the halftone filter in Photoshop is pretty easy. If you’d like to add this simple effect to your color drawing or painting, check this out:

Superman - Photoshop color halftone effect
In Photoshop, you can easily add the Color Halftone effects.

You can learn more about Superman by visiting the DC Comics website.

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