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Starfire DC Comics fan art
"Starfire" fan art by Rene Arreola.
Starfire DC Comics fan art
"Starfire" fan art by Rene Arreola.

Growing up, I managed to discover the work of George Perez on the New Teen Titans. His work stood out to me, and he was a fan favorite back in the 80s. Starfire was a character on the New Teen Titans team that stood out.

First of all, she comes from an alien world. Second, she flies. And third, that hair! Perez gave her more curls than I did in my character version. But my interpretation comes from the DC Comics New 52 era. The New 52 era was when I got into DC Comics for a solid year. I think at the time, I was getting bored with Marvel. And it seemed like the New 52 was a great way to jump on board. Since I was a new fan, I rather enjoyed it. If you were an old fan of DC, well…it didn’t go over so well. But that’s neither here nor there.

As for this artwork, it is a traditional painting done with acrylics on a hardboard. As you might have gathered with my Binary fan art, I like cosmic-inspired art combined with the female form in a dynamic action pose. Looking back, that is why I may have been drawn to Starfire like I was to Binary.

The aspect of this version of Starfire that I was particularly fascinated by was her hair. It appears almost to be like molten lava. I had never seen this before as Perez’s version was quite different. But, in the end, I enjoyed creating this piece.

You can learn more about Starfire by visiting Starfire’s DC Comics character page.

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