“Mirela – Of The Land” Sketch Preview

Mirela - Of The Land preview sketch detail

The Realm Ethereal Character Creation: Mirela – Of The Land

I am revisiting one of my earliest Metaterran creations, Mirela. From the beginning, the only thing I knew about this character was that her color scheme was greenish overall. My initial concepts overall for the Metaterrans was for each one to embody some form of elements. For example, Casia was to embody fire. Kiana was to embody water. And Mirela was land.

I abandoned the concept with Casia, as she has since become such an integral part of the first chapter in The Realm Ethereal comic book story. But for Mirela, I kept that concept intact. Her unique abilities are tied into being able to shape, control, or manipulate soil, rocks, and plant life to her will.

Mirela Of The Land preview sketch full size
"Mirela - Of The Land" sketch (2020)
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