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Master the Art of Color Flatting: Elevate Your Comic Book Artwork with Procreate

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As a creator who writes and illustrates my own comic book stories, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of effectively flatting colors to bring illustrations to life. In this blog article, I’ll introduce you to the process of color flatting and share with you my process on how to color comics using the Procreate app. The artwork I’m working with here is from my own Realm Ethereal fantasy adventure comic book series.

Color Flatting Comic Book Artwork In Procreate

Color flatting is a technique used in comic book artwork to separate different areas of an illustration using solid colors. It simplifies the coloring process by providing a base for adding shading, highlights, and textures. By assigning each element its own flat color, artists can easily manipulate and enhance specific areas while maintaining a consistent visual style throughout the artwork.

Layers To Help Separate Your Color Flats

When it comes to color flatting in Procreate, the first step is to create a new layer below the line art layer. This layer will serve as the base for all the flat colors. Using the selection tool, you can easily select different areas of the illustration and fill them with the desired flat color. This process is repeated for all elements of the artwork, from characters to backgrounds and objects. It’s ideal to use clean, closed lines in the line art for optimal color selection accuracy. However, in my experience, as long as my selections are made with the selection tool cleanly, I can color my comics effectively.

Procreate Layers

To make the color flatting process even more efficient, Procreate offers the option to lock transparency on the flat color layer. This means that you can paint directly on the flat color layer without worrying about going outside the lines. Additionally, you can create separate layers for different elements to easily edit and adjust colors later on. This way, you have more flexibility during the coloring process.

Color Rendering In Procreate: Let The Fun Begin!

Procreate color rendering comic book artwork

Once all the flat colors are in place, it’s time to add the final color renders and bring the artwork to life. Procreate offers a variety of brushes that can be used to blend colors, add shading, and create texture effects. You can experiment with different brushes and opacity levels to achieve the desired look. It’s a good idea to work on separate layers when adding the final color renders, as it allows for better control and easy corrections if needed.

Remember to save your work regularly and take breaks to assess the overall color composition. I tend to export my Procreate files as PSD (Photoshop) files to my Mac Mini workstation. Alternatively, I can also save the same files to my Google drive directly out of Procreate. It’s always wise to save and back-up all that hard work. And believe me, color flatting can be quite time-consuming!

color flatting

Play around with different color combinations to create a visually appealing and balanced artwork. Whether you are coloring your comics in a traditional “flat” color style, similar to older newsprint style comics, or are creating highly rendered, almost painting-like comics, it’s important to be consistent. And most importantly, have fun with the process!

Use Color In Your Comics To Create A Visual Impact

In conclusion, understanding how to flat colors for coloring comic book artwork using Procreate can greatly enhance your illustrations. By following the step-by-step process outlined above, you’ll be able to create visually stunning colors for your comic book artwork. The goal is to make the line art more impactful with the best colors for your story while adding dimensionality overall to the art. So grab your digital pen and start exploring the world of comic book coloring in Procreate! ◼️

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