Lysandra, The Ethereal of Transition

Art by Rene Arreola
Lysandra is an Ethereal I wanted to take in a different direction. For starters, her symbolic face-plate is removed, hanging above her face. For all of my Ethereals prior to this piece, I always showed their faces covered by some kind of symbol. After some time, I would then paint an Ethereal Reveal piece, revealing the faces behind those symbols.
The title of this new painting is “Lysandra, the Ethereal of Transition”. I focused on the character being in a “reveal” moment. Rather than covering up her face, Lysandra is unmasked and her true persona shown to us. The more I worked on the piece, it just felt like Lysandra would be that playful Ethereal.
Lysandra’s pose is probably the most unique when compared to other Ethereals I’ve created. Perhaps it has to do with the shortening of summer days, and wanting to take advantage of those days. Or, the desire to be outdoors and being carefree about it all. Having fun, whether it be working out, dancing, or traveling, while enjoying life and doing it. I envisioned her pose to indicate a “take it all in” attitude, head pointed up, nose held high toward the sky. Lysandra inhales and confidently whispers, “we’ve got this.”
Her hair transitioning into wings, symbolizing hope and growth. Thoughts and ideas transitioning into new concepts. The gold on her body, a shining beacon of positive vibrations that can change and shape rivers. Rivers that can cut through stone and rock, given enough time and determination.
Transition seems to be what the world is facing right now. It means different things to different people. We’re all doing what we can or what it is we know how to do. I know how to make art, so that’s what I do 🙂
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