Kiana – Ethereal Encounter


One of the first paintings ever of the series of Metaterran class characters is Kiana. In the first iteration of this character, I pictured her floating in time and space, albeit in a very ethereal setting. That first painting had her nestled in between planets, the cosmos, and a mysterious liquid-like substance. Part of the inspiration for the character back then was influenced by visits to Hawaii. The name “Kiana’ is said to be predominantly either Irish, Persian, or Hawaiian origin.

With her dark hair and tanned skin, Kiana can almost fit the look of someone who enjoys being in the water, possibly even a surfer! Keeping on with that theme for the new painting, I focused more on the water element.

While the background of the painting is more ethereal, I added one of my favorite sea creatures to the mix: the leafy sea dragon. I recall the first time I saw one was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, not far from where I live. It’s walking distance from my art studio.

I have always wanted to draw or paint this majestic looking creature and in “Kiana – Ethereal Encounter” I have done exactly that. Once again, we see Kiana in a state of flux. Her abilities to control time and space are still new to her so she still finds herself with strange, ethereal encounters. In this instance, Kiana comes face to face with a dragon! But Kiana finds there is a warmth and peacefulness in this creature she cannot deny. And thus begins Kiana’s first encounter with a creature from the Realm Ethereal.◼︎

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