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Gorgon – From Pencil Drawing to Oil Painting

Gorgon oil painting fan art
“Gorgon” oil painting fan art by Rene Arreola
Superman - Photoshop color halftone effect
In Photoshop, you can easily add the Color Halftone effects.

Visually, a striking character design: Gorgon of the Inhumans. I painted this several years ago using traditional oil paints (instead of water-mixable oils) on a gessoed illustration board. It measures about 16” x 20”.

This particular design of Gorgon is courtesy of Jae Lee. Jae Lee worked on a Marvel Comics Inhumans comic book series years ago, from which I took my inspiration to paint my version with oil paints.

In some ways, Gorgon inspired my Realm Ethereal character Adastrion (see Ethereal Guard.) There is a simple color palette for the character design, hooves, and something that feels powerful yet natural.

These days, I’m not doing much oil painting. But, if I ever decide to go back to oil painting, it would probably be with water-mixable oils. I’ve also worked in that medium before, but it has also been a few years since. From my experience, the biggest advantage of working with water-mixable oil paints is not having to use toxic oil painting mediums. Windsor & Newton offers a line-up of such paints and painting mediums in their Artisan line of paints.

Gorgon pencil drawing by Rene Arreola 1
My original pencil drawing of Gorgon. Fan art by Rene Arreola.

My original pencil drawing of Gorgon also inspired me to paint the character. In fact, this was my first attempt at drawing the character. The final drawing is also what got me excited to paint the character. I drew it in a 10” x 14” spiral-bound sketchbook.

The Inhumans is a title from Marvel Comics. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created them; Learn more about the Inhumans.

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