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Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams - fantasy art
“Field of Dreams” artwork by Rene Arreola

Field of Dreams

There are fields upon fields of dreams.
Each dotted with flowers, each flower representing a dream.

What is it you seek? Bare your soul.
What is your heart’s dream?
It comes to life.

Lift the flower off the field…
And launch it into the cosmos!

This is a new painting done for my Fantasy Art Realm series. This is a series where I’m free to explore work that is fantasy, but not necessarily in the ‘superheroic’ sense.

By the way, the image you see here is the censored “safe for work” version. You can only see the full, unedited version at my Patreon when you become a member.

Prints in different sizes are available from my online store.

Field of Dreams - Iprnt fantasy art print
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