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Two Rings fantasy art by Rene Arreola
"Two Rings" – Art by Rene Arreola

Kicking Off the New Year by Launching Into Fantasy Art!

I can’t help it that the human form is what I enjoy drawing and painting the most. Add some fantasy art elements, and I’m golden. Fantasy Art Realm is where I’ll further explore my fascination by blending imagination, color, and composition, with the human form. For the last two and half years, my paintings have focused around The Realm Ethereal. While Fantasy Art Realm will have my look and feel for the art, I’m searching for something different in my approach to the art. Something perhaps like what you see above here. It’s a new starting point for 2021.

Starting with a new painting project is important to me because The Realm Ethereal had been my introduction to digital painting. It evolved from working entirely in Procreate to transitioning into Photoshop to create digital art. It was a lot of fun taking up the iPad Pro and getting into drawing and painting digitally. Moving to Photoshop was somewhat intimidating because Procreate seemed so much easier at first. But then, I discovered why Photoshop was the preferred program for creating digital art. For making color adjustments and layer flexibility, Photoshop is king.

My plan is still to continue painting and drawing digitally. I haven’t quite yet felt the urge to get back to working directly with traditional media. Maybe that will be next year’s focus? I have a feeling my art may evolve over time and along with that maybe even the mediums I use.

I’ve learned that particular evolution is something I can’t predict. I’ll just go down the path and see where it takes me. One thing I’m more aware of is that there can be multiple side roads and off-shoots to that path. I’ll resist the urge to not go down them. Here’s to walking the walk and just going with the flow.◼︎

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