Cover Me Whimsical

"cover me whimsical" color composition fantasy art
"Cover Me" fantasy art by Rene Arreola

Procreate is my go-to for creating full-color fantasy art on the iPad Pro.

“Cover Me.” A young lady sitting in a forest with a magical and whimsical-looking cloth draped over her head.

It starts on her head, flows over her shoulders, and naturally onto the ground. But, there is something else! It also forms a magical pathway behind her. The pathways disappear into a dense forest behind her.

She appears to notice none of it. Instead, her attention is focused on a magical pool of water on the ground before her. Her hand reaches into the pool. And the pool gives a hint of something magical and whimsical: the cosmos.

"Cover Me" fantasy artwork sketch

Below is a time-lapse video of the sketch as I am working in Photoshop.

UPDATE 8-24-2022: Added the value map to the drawing. This will guide me once I begin working in color.

"cover me whimsical" grayscale fantasy art
“Cover Me Whimsical”, values mapped out. By Rene Arreola.

Color Composition

UPDATE 9-15-2022: The next stage in the exploration and development of the painting. Creating a color composition, feeling dark and cool, with some warm elements. The spontaniety with which I seem to be working is really keeping me on my toes of what may come next with this painting. It’s an approach in my digital painting process I haven’t worked in for quite some time.

"cover me whimsical" color composition fantasy art
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