Charis : Metaterran in “Found”

The story behind this painting…

My wife only just recently lost one of her treasured ear rings. In fact, this pair of ear rings was a gift I got her while we were on a trip to Antigua, down in the Caribbean. I bought her these Caribbean Topaz earrings while at a Sandals Resort a few years back.

A few weeks ago, while we were going out for a walk in Pacific Grove (near where we live in Monterey) she noticed she was missing one of these earrings! We looked all over, with thoughts that it might even be back at our house. The fact was, we didn’t know when she lost the earring. It could have been before we went for the walk, while she was taking out the garbage earlier in the day, who knows. It might have been in the house, in my car (we checked, and it wasn’t there.) We even went back to the same location the next morning, retracing our steps. We looked down at the trail near the water, across streets we passed through, even an empty lot we walked through between two homes in Pacific Grove. No luck finding it anywhere, and it hasn’t turned up since.

So, I thought to myself, what if she did lose the earring down by the water, and it fell into ocean, and it was magically discovered by Charis and her dolphins? Before I even made the painting, I assured her that her earring was being returned to the Caribbean, where it came from. There would always be a piece of her in the Caribbean and a piece of the Caribbean with her And with that, a new painting was born. The inspirational title for this painting is called “Found”.

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