Asreeth Lion Warrior in “Asreeth, Ethereal Guard”

Asreeth Ethereal Guard detail fantasy art

Asreeth, Ethereal Guard is one of my creations that became one of my first online comic book websites. No longer around, featured the weekly adventures of this half-man, half-lion character. He existed in a world filled with similar half-animal, half-human characters. The inspiration was taken by a Calico cat we had at the time.


Asreeth Lion Warrior original concept sketch
The first ever, original charcter concept sketch of Asreeth Lion Warrior


So yes, being inspired by a pet can definitely lead to good things. One of those things for me was getting into the process of website building for an online comic book. The other good thing was learning what it took to produce a weekly web comic. I worked full time outside of making all of this art. So I was somewhat pressed for time to create all of it, but I enjoyed it immensely. Besides, it was fun and that’s why I did it on my own. That, along with learning at the time how to build a website, launch it, maintain it, etc. kept me not only busy but really interested along the way. Below are a couple of screenshots of the old website I built that chronicled the online adventures of my lion warrior.


Asreeth Lion Warrior season one website

That was in 2013-2014. And after about year and a half, the constraints of working full time and making the comic book eventually gave way to me stopping the comic book series. But not for nothing to show for my efforts. I managed to produce a printed comic book in graphic novel format of the first season of the comic book. To this day, I still have a digital copy up for sale on the popular digital comic book reader app known as ComiXology.

Around the same time, in 2013, I produced a fantasy art calendar featuring all of my own characters. Asreeth would appear in the calendar in a new painting. I painted it using acrylic paints, onto canvas board. Below is that painting.


From 2012, "Asreeth Lion Warrior". Original painting.
After the online comic book, a printed collection of the stories and artwork, and a painting for a calendar, Asreeth Lion Warrior went dark for a few years. Forward to 2019, and he is now back as part of my Realm Ethereal world. The Realm Ethereal is my newest world-building project. It’s based on a comic book story I am writing and illustrating. And, once again, I am putting  it up online to read.


The limited edition print, "Asreeth-Ethereal Guard" by Rene Arreola
Which brings all of this to my latest painting, featuring Asreeth Lion Warrior. In “Asreeth, Ethereal Guard”, I’ve taken the mighty lion warrior and have turned him in an Ethereal Guard. The Asreeth featured in The Realm Ethereal is much older now. We see him at a point in his life where any story lines he was featured in previously are now in his distant past. As for Asreeth’s future, I’m planning on bringing him back into The Realm Ethereal comic book universe. This painting is a re-introduction of this character into a much larger sandbox of characters I’m creating.
I’m looking forward to featuring Asreeth in upcoming stories of The Realm Ethereal. One of the things I appreciate about working independently on my various comic book art projects is the freedom to continuously develop a character. But deep down inside, I think that the artwork I make is a reflection of my own growth as an artist. And, to some extent, as a human being as well.
If you have some time and you think this might be your cup of tea, please feel free to explore the links below.
Read for free my online comic book The Realm Ethereal at:
Print copies of the collected first season of “Asreeth Lion Warrior” are still available. Order a copy here.
To order a Limited Edition Art Print of “Asreeth, Ethereal Guard”, please go to The Realm Ethereal online store.

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