Aeron – Ethereal Guard

Aeron Ethereal Guard fantasy art print

“Aeron, Ethereal Guard” is my final painting for The Realm Ethereal in 2019.

I had just finished painting Ethereal Borders about a day or two before I started this painting. I was on a time-crunch due to traveling at the near the end of November and the beginning of December. Finishing “Ethereal Borders” and completing this painting made for busy stretch of art making.

Aeron was also the final piece I completed in 2019, as well go out to my print subscribers over at my Patreon. When my wife saw this piece, she said she really liked it. I told her the circumstances and she said “you should paint faster more.” I agree with her on that one.

The truth, this painting was meant to be a simple layout, limited color palette, and introduce one of the key concepts of my Realm Ethereal universe.

The concept is “The Great Void”.  Alongside making paintings for this universe I am crafting, I am also writing and illustrating a comic book based on these characters, called The Realm Ethereal.

In it, the storyline focuses on the character Casia Minohr. Throughout the story, various characters make reference to the Great Void. At this stage I’m not ready to reveal what is this Great Void. But know that in this painting of Aeron, you’re seeing what is the very first visual concept. In the painting, we see this Great Void behind Aeron. Or, is she opening up the Great Void? I have stated so much as that she is an Elite Guardsman (Ethereal Guard.) And, that she guards the Great Void. Again, only time will tell what is her role in the Realm Ethereal.

“Aeron, Ethereal Guard” is available as a 13″ x 19″ art print from my online store.

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