Deer Ziora

For “Triptych One”, this block-in phase for Ziora now includes a very deer friend. In all seriousness, I felt the composition had a “hole” on the left side where Ziora was standing. Enter: a deer!

Triptych One – First Look

A new concept for a different approach to character creation and display. This is a new piece designed as a triptych. It’s a panoramic style layout that also will be separated into three new pieces. The new characters are Ziora (Metaterran) and Jalena (Ethereal Guard). Included in this mix is an Ethereal Reveal moment where I bring back Nor, the Ethereal of Merging Stars.

The Realm Ethereal Art Book Preview

Since 2018, I’ve been working on this little idea I had about combining my love of comic book superheroes with fantasy art paintings. Later this year, the first art book for The Realm Ethereal will be available for sale.

Realm Ethereal fantasy art book mock up Om

Realm Ethereal fantasy art book mock up Azure


Realm Ethereal fantasy art book mock up Om and Casia


Azure, Touch the Stars

Azure Touch the Stars fantasy art 17x 22 Limited Edition fantasy art print

In 2018, as part of my Realm Ethereal universe-building process, I came up with a new series of character creations: The Ethereal Guard. They serve the Realm Ethereal by guarding the plane borders across multiple worlds. Additionally, they are generally under the service and orders from The Ethereals themselves.

Azure is the first Ethereal Guard I designed from back in 2018. That first painting was weak, even though I really enjoyed the design of the character. Consider this painting a refresh and a reboot. Prints available for sale here.

Quick Tip: Drawing Hands

Elandra’s Journey

Elandra fantasy art by Rene Arreola

“Elandra” began her journey like many of my other pieces, as a sketch. The initial sketch was based on nothing more than a feeling and on a whim. For this character, I wanted to convey a sense of her effortlessly floating. The whim: just try to draw something spontaneously and see what happens. Prints are available for sale here.

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Rene Arreola Art Book One

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