Jalena – Costume Design

This character has had three prior versions. The girl was from a sketch I made in 1999. A pencil sketch in one of my spiral sketchbooks from when I attended college. The second version was an oil painting with her in a yellow dress standing on a flower petal. The third version is a watercolor painting of her in the same yellow dress but with a star-filled cosmic background.

And now, in this fourth version, she is now Jalena, an Ethereal Guard in my Realm Ethereal series. I don’t know what it is about this character, but she just keeps coming back!


A little bit of progress today on Jalena, Ethereal Guard. This is the first pass on her hair and face. Part of the “Triptych One” piece I am working on.

Nor “Triptych One” Face Details and Video

Nor “Triptych One” Progress in Color

No grayscale to gradient map painting for this one. I’m getting back to working in direct color for this one. Entirely in Procreate.

Ena – Waves of Order

A new drawing of Ena, “Ena – Waves of Order”. I’ve created an Ethereal Reveal painting of Ena, but in this sketch, we really get to see Ena let down her hair.

Triptych One – Color Rough

I dared myself to start working in color earlier for this piece. Part of the reason was due to wanting to change up my working progress. In the last year, my process was to work to a very high finish grayscale version.

With this piece, I’m starting to bring in color sooner due to the size of the piece. There are essentially three characters (five if you count the deer and the small dragon) to be rendered. And given the complexity of the piece, I felt it best to start rendering in color to be able to cut down the process. Not necessarily the total time, but the mechanics of it all.

To go to full final grayscale with so many moving parts seems too laborious. Truthfully, my hope is that I rekindle an appreciation for working directly in color again. That darned grayscale & gradient map painting style is so easy to fall into.

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