2021 Realm Ethereal Fantasy Calendar

fantasy calendar 2021

My latest art calendar just came out and it features some of my best art. The 2021 Realm Ethereal fantasy art calendar is a print edition of the new paintings I created in 2020. The very first calendar of this series was launched in 2019, at the time I just started working full time as an artist.

RE-2019-january-fantasy-art-calendarAt that time, to be able to collect the paintings I did in 2018 for the first calendar was such a monumental feat for me. In 2018 I had just started to envision working full time as an artist as I was developing these new characters. It was exciting to be able to have an offering of my art as early as I did back then.

It was a lot of work, but lucky for me I have a background in digital prepress and print production. Being able to put together the calendar and have a print-ready file meant once the artwork was completed, I could send it off rather easily. Part of the creation process for me includes designing the calendar itself.

At the core of the fantasy art calendars is the artwork and characters. Since 2018, I have been steadily creating my Realm Ethereal universe and stable of characters. Each month, I’ve been making at least one new painting. This is how I am able to have so many illustrations ready for the art calendar.

In the last three years I’ve been able to offer my fantasy calendars. Each calendar below (2019, 2020, and 2021) also represents certain technical growth as an artist. I knew my development of the characters and understanding of painting digitally would be different than when I first started. As I am relatively new to digital painting, there are still methods, ideas, and principles of working digitally I am learning.

Realm Ethereal fantasy art calendars by Rene Arreola

The Realm Ethereal 2021 fantasy art calendar is now available for purchase. I also have a few remaining copies of my 2019 and 2020 calendars if you’d like one of those as well. All are available at my online store.

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