Art Commissions

I am a freelance illustrator creating art commissions that tell stories through composition, color, line, and form. I excel in representing the human form in fantastic, colorful imagery. I make paintings and drawings.

My specific goal as the artist is to contribute my skills to your project in such a way that it is a harmonious blend of storytelling and visual aesthetic. So much so that at the end of the day, after all the hard work, we can all sit back and take pride in the final product.

I enjoy collaborating on projects where all parties involved are having a great time working together and believe 100% in the process. I paint digitally, ensuring I am able to make necessary adjustments to the artwork if needed.

The way I structure my art commission process is as follows:

  1. Initial consultation about the scope of the project via email. Or, if you reach me via social media through messaging, we can converse on there, too.
  2. Once the project details have been defined for the art commission and we are a fit for each other on the project, we can discuss pricing and decide the best way to proceed with sketches, comps, revisions, and final artwork.
  3. Pricing is dependent on the specifics of the project scope details agreed upon in point #2 above. Once those details are understood by both parties, a customized price quote for the art commission can be then presented.
  4. I accept payments through Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle.

You can find my most recent artwork on my home page. You can also see other samples of my artwork that I don’t post on my website at my Instagram profile. If you’d like to hire me for an art commission, I can be contacted using the form below. If you have any other questions I didn’t cover here, please feel free to reach out using the same form below. You may also reach my at:

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