Adon Ethereal of Dimension
Art by Rene Arreola

Adon, Ethereal of Dimension

The Realm Ethereal is comprised of multiple dimensions. Adon is the Ethereal of Dimension. Adon oversees all ethereal undertakings and activities within and around all dimensions.

Adon controls the Knakama Spheres. These spheres are said to be like “eyes”. As such, these spheres act as a means by which Adon is able to view any and all dimensions at will.

Adon bears three elements of the powerful Ethereal Golden Armor:
1) A face-plate bonded to the Dimension Ring
2) The Collar of Golden Ethereal Flames
3) One third of the Crown of the Realm Ethereal, fastened to his torso

With these armor elements, along with the Knakama Spheres, Adon’s total power is second only to Om, the Ethereal of Vibration.

Adon, Ethereal of Dimension, is part of The Realm Ethereal lore. Created, written and illustrated by Rene Arreola.

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