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The Ethereals

The Ethereals have existed since before the inception of time. In their most pure form, the Ethereals are formless. Each Ethereal is comprised of opposing forces. In the Realm Ethereal, it is these counter forces that gives balance to all.

An Ethereal may be two different forms of opposing forces at the same time. Ethereals of light and dark are in reality the same form. One form is light since no shadows befall it. The other form is dark since no light is cast upon it. The Ethereals are the forces that give form and ambiguity, dreams and action, and order and chaos to the Realm Ethereal. These forces and forms created by the Ethereals are known as the All-Presence.

The Ethereal of Vibration

The World Makers

World Makers are mortals who have been chosen to become a part of and enter the Realm Ethereal. The reasons they are chosen are known only to The Ethereals themselves. World Makers work under the guidance of the Ethereals. Each World Maker has a specific role and is imbued with powers and abilities deemed fit for their roles.

The World Makers are responsible for bringing life-giving and life-sustaining forces to the terrestrial planes (physical worlds.) A World Maker’s primary responsibility is to guide and shape these forces in order for these world’s to come into existence. The forces involved in both the creation and maintenance of all terrestrial planes are myriad. Each World Maker is the physical embodiment of one of these forces. This also makes the World Maker a vessel through which they may communicate with inhabitants of these terrestrial planes.

All the known terrestrial planes within the Realm Ethereal are ruled by the laws of The Realm Ethereal, whether the inhabitants of these worlds acknowledge The Ethereals or not.


World Maker : Polarity


World Maker : Fire


World Maker : Water

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