Digital Sketch Figure Painting

digital figure painting by Rene Arreola

Using a photo reference, I worked this in Photoshop using a Bamboo Wacom tablet. I hadn’t done something like this in quite some time, so it was fun to practice in this style. I think I’ll do a little more of this type of work in between my comic art commissions.

And here is a detail and close up of the face.

digital sketch close up face


Sketching “Ardala” from “The Hammer and The Fury”

Pencil rough and final inks of the lead character from my online comic strip at Interesting thing to note, I drew this one in a case-bound, hardcover sketchbook. It was tricky trying to ink the girl in the lower right corner (Ardala) since I could not set my right palm down evenly with the drawing surface. It seems to have worked out in the end, though! Sketches in pencil along with the final inked artwork, plus a video of me inking. Check it all out below.

The Hammer and The Fury - Fantasy ArtInked artwork of The Hammer and The Fury


Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges

Well, crud, it’s happened again! It’s true, I’m back tracking to revive a previous project and transitioning a name into a brand.

Hammer and Fury space fantasy comicWell, it’s my universe and I’ll do pretty much whatever I want with it! That is the beauty of playing with your own toys in your own sandbox. Continue reading “Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges”