Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges

Well, crud, it’s happened again! It’s true, I’m back tracking to revive a previous project and transitioning a name into a brand.

Hammer and Fury space fantasy comicWell, it’s my universe and I’ll do pretty much whatever I want with it! That is the beauty of playing with your own toys in your own sandbox. Continue reading “Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges”

Star Multiverse: New Page Thumbnail and Finished Art Snapshots

I am plugging away at more artwork for my “Star Multiverse” project. Below is a photo of a completed page I penciled and inked. Below it is the actual thumbnail. Literally, it was drawn right on the back of the finished piece. Sometimes that’s just how I roll.Star Multiverse page 4-8-17 photo

Star Multiverse page 4-8-17 thumbnail photo