Digital Sketch Figure Painting

digital figure painting by Rene Arreola

Using a photo reference, I worked this in Photoshop using a Bamboo Wacom tablet. I hadn’t done something like this in quite some time, so it was fun to practice in this style. I think I’ll do a little more of this type of work in between my comic art commissions.

And here is a detail and close up of the face.

digital sketch close up face


Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges

Well, crud, it’s happened again! It’s true, I’m back tracking to revive a previous project and transitioning a name into a brand.

Hammer and Fury space fantasy comicWell, it’s my universe and I’ll do pretty much whatever I want with it! That is the beauty of playing with your own toys in your own sandbox. Continue reading “Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges”