Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges

Well, crud, it’s happened again! It’s true, I’m back tracking to revive a previous project and transitioning a name into a brand.

Hammer and Fury space fantasy comicWell, it’s my universe and I’ll do pretty much whatever I want with it! That is the beauty of playing with your own toys in your own sandbox. Continue reading “Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges”

Silver Surfer Quick Sketch

Silver Surfer quick sketch by Rene Arreola

A quick (about 10 minutes) sketch done with a black, ballpoint pen. I did this the evening we got back from being away for a holiday weekend. I had not drawn for 3 days! I had to get something out of my system…and so, at 2 A.M. , I busted this out. It was quick and it felt good to add some color as well. The gray and blue shades were added using Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers .

The Savage Conan the Barbarian vs the Giant

Conan the Barbarian sketch by Rene Arreola

A pen and ink sketch done one night to get me warmed-up for some comic book drawing. It features my take on Conan the barbarian fighting arena-style and taking out a giant. It’s a small sword he’s got, but it’s not the size of the sword in a fight, but the size of the barbarian using the knife! Created with Pitt Markers and Copic gray markers.