“The Hammer and The Fury” Relaunched Webcomic

It’s been a little quiet here but that’s because I have been ramping up to relaunch my web comic The Hammer and The Fury.  The first two episodes actually comprise the first four strips that launched earlier this year. I have since revamped the storyline as well as the format.

I am excited to announce that this will be a new series for me that I am producing and creating myself.

The Hammer and The Fury episode 1 by Rene Arreola

Again, the website is at www.hammerandfury.com. It tells the story of a godlike princess who refuses her responsibilities as heir to the throne of her home world after the death of her father, King Baldor.

This web comic will have a sci-fi and fantasy flavor to it and I update it once a week. The story and all artwork is produced by yours truly. Please check it out and if you’d like to subscribe to know when a new episode is out, please email me. I look forward to where this journey takes me and I hope you will join me in reading the story as it comes alive!



Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges

Well, crud, it’s happened again! It’s true, I’m back tracking to revive a previous project and transitioning a name into a brand.

Hammer and Fury space fantasy comicWell, it’s my universe and I’ll do pretty much whatever I want with it! That is the beauty of playing with your own toys in your own sandbox. Continue reading “Star Multiverse Becomes Brand Name and Old Project Re-emerges”