Space Ghost and a Star Destroyer

Hanna-Barbera and Star Wars fans check this one out!

Space Ghost illustration by Rene Arreola

It’s none other than Space Ghost and a Galactic Empire Star Destroyer (from Star Wars.) Space Ghost is a fictional character created by Hanna-Barbera Productions and designed by Alex Toth for CBS in the 1960s. Space Ghost is credited with being responsible for the popularity of superhero cartoons in the 1960s.In his original incarnation, he was a superhero who, with his teen sidekicks Jan, Jace, and Blip the monkey, fought supervillains in outer space. In the 1990s, Space Ghost was brought back as a host for his own fictional late-night talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. In the 2000s, he was revamped as a serious superhero once again in a mini-series by DC Comics (from wikipedia.)

A very fun piece to work on for me. I used markers and some white gesso for dotting in some stars in the background. Final inked drawing measures 10″ x 15″, done on light weight blue line comic book art board.

Doin’ it Kirby Style!

Ajak sketch by Rene Arreola -

Jack Kirby. That name in the comic book industry is revered by writers, artists, editors and fans alike. And, if you haven’t heard of “The King’s” name before or seen his work, well, you are missing out. Jack, along with Stan Lee, created and crafted some of the most memorable comic book superheroes and stories. For this post, I was looking to draw something Kirby-esque. It just so happened I picked up the entire run of the Eternals published by Marvel originally in 1976. I saw this pose of this character, named Ajak, and I grabbed my pencil and cut up a piece of drawing paper to sketch this. Pencil art by yours truly. Inspiration by Jack “The King” Kirby.